Mmm hello, I think I need your help… I have a meeting with an important hacker, I know when and why but I don’t know where. I have asked him but he told me that I have to find out… I’m so confused ask him here: or find any clue…


The intentionality of this Write-Up it’s to solve the OSINT Challenge without any tool, just our social networks; no Maltego, no Shodan, just our skills.

Once we have the email we will add it to our contacts, if there is any social network linked to this email it will be suggested. So let’s try !

Now in our social networks we have to enable to upload contacts, we will make it in Twitter and Instagram:

Then magic happens:

Time to explore !

There is nothing relevant in the twitter account, but we can find something interesting, a retweet from Wikiloc account:

So, the first thing we think about is to search the same username at Wikiloc… let’s see:

So, time to explore the Instagram to see if there is anything special. We start to view the photos and… There is one with an interesting description ! :

I think it’s time to reopen Wikiloc web:

At this point we can think that the flag is not related with Wikiloc, but we can’t find anything special exploring the profiles; even there is no Facebook. Mmm I think we should try harder in Wikiloc, let’s find out how we can discover an user by his ID…

It looks that the URL of profiles looks like this:

Oh, so…:

Look ! There is one route called Close Encounter, it’s sound good to me, let’s see what’s inside:

FLAG: hackiit_flag{t3llm3wh3r314m}

Hackiit – Caesar

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